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Trauma Kit – K.I.S.S. Style

Keep It Simple Stupid Trauma Kit

We had an interesting discussion in the shop yesterday. A customer came in looking for a trauma kit to keep in his vehicle. Given the recent terrorist attacks I think this is just common sense and of course everyone should have a kit nearby. What stood out to me was how quickly the kit grew from simple and straightforward to a backpack full of medical gear.

Look, the extensive kit absolutely has a place but it doesn’t replace a simple kit that is compact and has items nearly anyone can use.

Personally I think the Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak is a great little off the shelf trauma kit that’s hard to beat for about $20.

AMK Trauma Kit We have used these in active shooter kits as throw down aid packs that can be left with victims as the threat is pursued. The contents are clear in usage – Quick Clot, gauze, etc. with instructions printed right on the package. It doesn’t get much simpler than this approach.







Keeping with the simple approach we put together a kit that takes it up just a notch and also provides the ability to grab-n-go with a shoulder strap.  Complete Trauma Kit



Trauma Kit Contents

The core components are:

We choose the Grey Ghost Gear Small Medic Kit with a Tactical Tailor Tourniquet Pouch mounted on the side. The Tactical Tailor Shoulder Strap makes it easy to carry. The package works well and is compact enough to jam under the seat in your car. The Small Medic Kit has just enough pockets inside to keep the contents organized without getting too fancy.

Trauma Kit Inside

Trauma Kit Back The TT Tourniquet Pouch keeps the CAT easily accessible on the outside of the kit and the EMT shears mount in the front pocket. The shoulder strap clips on the MOLLE straps on the back of the trauma kit. The shoulder strap is not required but does make it much easy to grab and carry the kit.

Bottom line – keep a simple and easy to use trauma kit in your vehicle. The world seems to be getting uglier every day. If you don’t grab the cool Grey Ghost Medic Kit thats fine – hell a Publix grocery bag will get the job done (but yes, we will point and laugh)…





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