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More threats against the power grid…



When we consider, from a preparedness perspective, the potential threats we inevitably return to the specter of long-term power outage over a widespread area as one of the most devastating. The impact of a loss of power is exponential as the area of outage and length of outage grows. Not only do we depend on power in our homes but virtually all of our community infrastructure is dependent on power. There is a ton of material on the internet covering this topic so I won’t rehash it right now (maybe later).

What is interesting is a recent article posted in the Wall Street Journal about an attack on a power distribution station in California that happened almost a year ago. The event was not widely reported at the time and continues to be downplayed by the government. The bottom line – persons unknown executed a professional attack on a substation that took 27 to repair.

April Sniper Attack Knocked Out Substation, Raises Concern for Country’s Power Grid

Our power distribution system is fragile as hell and a well planned and executed attack by a handful of bad guys with off-the-shelf hunting rifles represents a threat that may be more probable than EMP or solar flares but no less devastating in impact.

Be aware. Be prepared.



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