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Combat Master + Kit

I have a Tactical Tailor Duty Belt and Liner set up with my standard “in the woods” gear. I use the Spec Ops Combat Master Sheath with my ESEE-5 and I wanted to share a few things I like about the set up.

The Combat Master is a perfect fit for the ESEE-5 (or 6) and the outer pocket allows me to carry some core survival kit that makes the knife and sheath an effective combo. I use the 69 South Flex Sharpener attached to the Velcro on the flap. This gives me a way to put a quick edge back on the blade. It weighs virtually nothing and doesn’t use any space in the relatively small pocket.

The 69 South Survival Pole Spear fits very nicely in the space between the kydex insert and the nylon body of the sheath. There is a little variation on the sheaths and some have a bit tighter fit than others. On mine I used a large Phillips head screwdriver to loosen up the nylon a bit and was able to slide the Pole Spear into place without too much trouble. (Hat tip to our customer Steve E. for this idea)

In the outer pocket I have some essentials:

I took the Utility Sheet and refolded it to create a size that fits the outer pocket of the Combat Master sheath perfectly. I placed the components for the kit inside the sheet and folded the utility sheet around the contents (use some common sense here as the arrowhead can cut through the utility sheet). Now I have one unit that fits down inside the pocket and can be removed all at once. In the end you have a relatively small package that contains an array of survival essentials.

I’m a big believer in redundancy and planning for failure. The gear I keep in the sheath pocket is a back up layer but it is enough to tip the odds significantly in your favor in a survival situation.



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