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Trauma Kit Sub-Load

We have seen quite a few variations on the drop leg sub-load rolling through the shop with much debate about how useful or appropriate the leg rig is for carrying additional magazines. Everyone should determine what best suits their application but for me the weight of the magazines on the leg tend to outweigh the advantages. Physics is a bitch and when you are running or changing direction quickly you must overcome the inertia of that load with every step. Throw in some additional balance challenges with bad footing in rough terrain and I want to start pitching mags off that leg rig left and right.

For my purposes I like the sub-load for my primary trauma kit. Your blow out kit is critical gear and I want to ensure that it is available regardless of the situation. I set up my battle belt to be a standalone unit. Typically I would use the battle belt in conjunction with my full armor carrier but it is possible that circumstances change and I must ditch the armor or I’m only able to grab the belt. Moving the blow out kit to the drop leg not only makes sure that it stays with me it is also more accessible with either hand from almost any position. I will cover my belt set up at a later date.

For the drop leg rig I use the Tactical Tailor Small Leg Rig panel. The platform size is perfect for my needs, nicely padded with a non-slip backing that really helps keep the unit in place. The leg straps also have rubber dots that help the leg rig stay in the proper position.

On the panel I use the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now! along with their Tourniquet Now! carrier for my CAT tourniquet. The BFG kit is lightweight (of course) but the design allows the insert to be removed rapidly from the carrier. The kit is well thought out and adequate in size for the components I carry.

In addition to the Trauma Kit I use the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Single Mag Pouch mounted on the leg panel. The beauty of the Ten Speed gear is the ability to adapt it to multiple uses. I typically use the single mag pouch to carry a flashlight but it will work equally well for a multitool, folding knife, chem light, etc.

The total weight of the leg panel as configured including medical components, CAT and Streamlight ProTac 2L is exactly 2 lbs. This is a much more manageable load for me than 4 – 5 lbs of ammo and nylon.

Maybe this rig will work for you or spark an idea for a set up that is right for your needs.



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